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WELCOME! My name is Diane Siniard and I am the county coordinator for Coffee County's Lost Souls Genealogy page. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or suggestions. There is a search engine available for this site. It is located on the home page for your convenience!

I would like to get transcriptions of cemeteries, birth, marriage, and death certificates, photos and anything else you feel may benefit other researchers.
Please help me to make this the best source of information for Coffee County on the internet!

If you find an email address or link on this site that is no longer valid PLEASE let me know so I can find a new one or remove it! Thanks!

The land in Coffee County was originally part of Dale County, which was incorporated in 1824. Coffee County was formed from the western part of Dale County on December 29, 1841.
It was named after John R Coffee, a hero in the Creek War of 181314.
The first county seat was in Wellborn. After the courthouse was destroyed by fire in 1851, the county seat was moved to Elba.

We could really use your help with one of these projects, or some of the others that we have going. Won't you volunteer today?

Coffee County Project Volunteers:
Coordinator and webmaster: Diane Siniard
Cemetery Transcription Project: Diane Siniard
Cemetery Photos Project: Diane Siniard
Census Transcription Project: Can YOU help?
Deed Transcription Project: Can YOU help?
Obituary Transcription Project: Can You help?
Transcribers for Various Projects: Can YOU help?

Awards, Our Researchers and New stuff!

  • "What's New?"
    These pages list all of the great info we have added!

    Ready to read?
    Books, Books and more books!

  • Transcribed Books
    This page has lots and lots of books for you to read and/or download on a lot of Coffee County's past on a lot of subjects. Take a look see and get lost in one of them!

  • Coffee County Published Resources For Sale
    Where to find books our researchers have published

  • Where to Find Genealogical Books
    Where can I get a copy of that book?

  • Coffee County Published Resources with Lookup Volunteers
    Lots of books with the nicest people to look and see if your Lost Soul is listed

  • Coffee County Paid Researchers
    I live so far you will find researchers that will help...for a fee of course

  • State Libraries & Archives
    State libraries for all 50 states!

    Documents and Records
    You will find various documentation, photos, records and other things here to boost and document your research!

  • Coffee County Cemeteries and other information on cemeteries.
    I thought he/she was buried there?

  • Census Records
    Ah, the census records, most people thought that the census enumerators were tax collectors so they hid from them. Journey into our census records to find out why...

  • Coffee County Vital Records Links
    Where were they born? Where did they die? Here you will find links that contain information for the Register of Deeds, Births, Marriages, Deaths, Obituaries, Wills, and Land Deeds.

  • Coffee County Court Records
    The dreaded Judge! These records may contain property info, deaths, slaves, petitions, etc. Make sure you check them out!

  • Coffee County Miscellaneous Records
    What are miscellaneous records? Go here to find out!

  • Coffee County Tax Records
    Those dang taxes! Even our ancestors couldn't escape them!

  • Maps
    Maps, this is the greatest tool of all, you can trace the steps your ancestors took on their journeys to find that "perfect" spot to call home!

  • Coffee County Church Information and Research
    Research Church locations, transcriptions of Church records and where to go to find archives and information on the Church of your choice.

    Coffee County Places and Photos
    What would we do and where would we be without her wonderful people and places?

  • Coffee County Queries and Surnames
    Wonder who is searching for my family too?

  • Coffee County Military Links
    Here you will find info on various Patriots/Veterans as well as rosters and all things Military!

  • Coffee County African American Research
    By far the hardest Lost Souls to research!

  • Coffee County Families
    Where would we be without our families. Look here to see if one of your families might be listed

  • Coffee County Family Photos
    Wonder what they were thinking as they sat for their photo to be taken?

  • Our Brick Walls
    Let's help each other break down those walls!

  • Coffee County Mystery Pictures
    And you are??? Can you tell us who these people might be?

  • Coffee County Schools
    Learning anyone?

  • The Neighbors
    Time to take a trip to the next door neighbors to see if they might have some info we are missing!

  • Glimpses Into The Past
    They used/said/did what???

  • Genealogical, Historical Society Meetings and Family Reunions
    Let's go meet up with the family and gossip and trade stories of yesteryear and see what kind of new information we can gather for our research into our past!

    Research Helpers
    Here you will find various things to help send you on your way into finding more info on your elusive Lost Souls

  • Historical Highway Markers
    Wow! I didn't know that happened here!

  • Colonial Handwriting Samples
    What does that say? I can't read that!

  • Interesting Links
    Here are some extremely helpful links for you to use in your research! If you know of some I might have missed, drop me a line and send them to me so I can get them added.

  • Coffee County Mailing List
    This link will take you to the page to subscribe to the NEW Coffee County Mailing List, where we exchange information and other things through emails.
    This mailing list will be the ONLY one used for this site, and will keep you up to date on what's going on with site and with other researchers!

  • Alabama's Lost Souls Genealogy Project

  • Lost Souls Genealogy Project

  • Alabama Courthouse Fires
    How many times did that courthouse burn?

  • Genealogy Terms
    What does that word mean?

  • Donations
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